SignaLink 3.0


SignaLink is an integrated resource to analyze signaling pathway cross-talks, transcription factors, miRNAs and regulatory enzymes. Main features:

  • A signaling network resource with known and predicted information for human and model organisms
  • Manually curated dataset of major signaling pathways - including curated data from resources such as ACSN, InnateDB, Reactome and Signor
  • Extends pathways with integrated regulatory resources to contain pathway-specific transcription factors, miRNA, scaffolds and post translational modifying enzymes
  • Proteins are classified by pathway position (core/non-core) and function (ligand, receptor, mediator, etc.)
  • Signaling interactions are directed and labeled with PubMed IDs of the publications of experimental evidence
  • A multi-layered network structure allows the selection of user-specific details
  • Allows filtering based on tissue or sub-cellular localization
  • Supporting downloads in csv or psimi tab formats

With SignaLink You can

  • Browse signaling pathways, cross-talks and multi-pathway proteins
  • Select transcriptional, post- transcriptional and post translational regulators of a signaling pathway
  • Download species- and pathway-specific information in several formats
  • Design genetic/biochemical experiments to verify predicted pathway member proteins
  • Model tissue- or disease-specific signaling processes by merging SignaLink with expression data
  • Discover novel signaling drug target candidates

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Caenorhabditis elegans
Drosophila melanogaster
Danio rerio
Homo sapiens
PathwaysRTK, WNT/Wingless, Hedgehog, TGF, NHR, Notch, HIPPO, TNF, JAK/STAT, BCR, TCR, TLR, Innate Immune Pathways

How to cite SignaLink

SignaLink3: a multi-layered resource to uncover tissue-specific signaling networks. Csabai L*, Fazekas D*, Kadlecsik T*, Szalay-Bekő M, Bohár B, Madgwick M, Módos D, Ölbei M, Gul L, Sudhakar P, Kubisch J, Oyeyemi O J, Liska O, Ari E, Hotzi B, Billes V A, Molnár E, Földvári-Nagy L, Csályi K, Demeter A, Pápai N, Koltai M, Varga M, Lenti K, Farkas I J, Türei D, Csermely P, Vellai T, Korcsmáros T (* equal contributions) Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 50, Issue D1, 7 January 2022, Pages D701–D709

SignaLink 2.0 - A signaling pathway resource with multi-layered regulatory networks. Fazekas D*, Koltai M*, Türei D*, Módos D, Pálfy M, Dúl Z, Zsákai L, Szalay-Bekő M, Lenti K, Farkas I J, Vellai T, Csermely P, Korcsmáros T (* equal contributions)

Uniformly curated signaling pathways reveal tissue-specific cross-talks and support drug target discovery. Korcsmáros T*, Farkas I J*, Szalay-Bekő M, Rovó P, Fazekas D, Spiro Z, Böde C, Lenti K, Vellai T, Csermely P (* equal contributions)
The old SignaLink 2.0 website is temporary unavailable. The old database is still available on the Download page.